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Bring your printer cartridges to us for recycling.
We collect printer cartridges. HP, Dell, Lexmark,Canon and Samsung. Just bring them into the Green Centre when you're in Douglas.
Our total number of MORSBAGS is now 4,985 bags.

We've got some books for sale at the Green Centre-only 20p each.

ZWM donated a compost bin to the new Coronation Community Gardens in Braddan.

Now is the time to insulate your loft. You should have 12 inches (24cms) depth.

Please remember to put aluminium cans, aerosols, batteries and steel tins in your kerbside box or take them to the Household Waste Centre at Middle River. SITA don't want them.

We continue to collect used batteries for recycling at the Green Centre.

See if you fancy making some bags yourself.

Biosphere IOM Status aims to keep the IOM a special place for people and nature with a vibrant community, healthy ecosystem and resilient economy.

The zero waste philosophy

At Zero Waste Mann we believe a rethink of current ideas on WASTE DISPOSAL is long overdue. Instead we should be aiming for 'RESOURCE RECOVERY' because everything we throw away has value. We aim to:

  • Promote awareness
  • Provide resources
  • Encourage participation
  • Identify, support & encourage appropriate legislation
  • Highlight relevant news items
We cannot continue burying and burning the world’s natural resources. At present, there is a ‘take, make and throw-it-away mentality,’ which cannot be sustained. If we were to apply all the available technologies, we could easily and quickly achieve efficient use of natural materials, energy and human resources. We must learn to look on materials as RESOURCES rather than RUBBISH. Our aim should be to have Zero Waste.

If we want to keep the Isle of Man beautiful for ourselves and future generations we must act NOW. Don't you think our children deserve a better legacy than piles of our waste?

To learn more about ZERO WASTE, have a look at the following websites:

'Zero Waste' is happening all around the world. We want it to happen on the Isle of Man.

The Green Centre open for business every Saturday from 10am.

Green Centre