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Zero Waste Talk on Monday September 10th The Manx Legion in Market Street starting at 7pm

Attention has been drawn to the amount of food that is wasted at super-markets on the island. You may remember we brought Tristram Stuart, the food waste campaigner, to the island a couple of years ago. 

July 2016 France has banned single use plastic bags.

France bans plastic bags

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 Cardboard Recycling

You can now take cardboard to the Eastern Household Waste and Recycling site in Middle River for recycling.

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 Recycling for flats

If you would like to recycle ask your property management to inform Douglas Corporation.

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 Hazardous Electrical Items

In the UK recent research from Fujitsu-Siemens reveals that only half of unwanted PCs end up going to a new home. In the last 5 years about 12.5 million machines have gone to municipal tips. 41% of people surveyed claim to have given their old computer to a friend or charity.

We hope that the extension of the island household waste site scheme will see our recycling rates continue to rise.

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 Say 'No' to plastic bags - ongoing

 We are now selling our green Zero Waste Mann bags for 2 each. They are a handy size and will fold up quite small. We are asking everyone to make a habit of carrying re-usable bags and cut down on the number of plastics bags taken home.

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Beach cleaning

Beach Cleaning - Bill Dale organises regular beach cleans. Look in the local newspapers for details.

Website: Marine Conservation Society

Website: Adopt-a-beach and Beachwatch

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Litter picking

For litter picking guidelines please click the link below.

Litter picking guidelines

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